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Easy as it should be!

Easy as it should be!

As a good content creator, you know that merchandising your personal brand is a smart idea. Your audience cares about your content, both what you say and do. Your opinion on brands, products, and services make all the difference to your followers when planning to buy something. So why not use your influencer power to engage your audience with your own store?

Wearing and talking about your merchandise shouldn’t be a taboo. Fans are always excited to support their favorite content creators and want to show that they are part of that community. They follow you because they identify with your ideas and love the same things that you do. So they are all potential customers.


Ok, cool! But how can I create a merchandise store without spending my precious time and money? How do I select the best products for my audience? There are several platforms that help you create your own store, but many of them have monthly fees, are complicated to manage or do not help you when choosing what to sell. And we know that you would like to just worry about creating your content. Who wants to worry about code, design, UX, and handling of supply chains?

So Yoobe will help you making money with your potential for engagement, creating your 1-click merchandise storefront. And we don’t want you to just have an ordinary store. Once you sync your social network profile, Yoobe’s A.I. analyzes your content and audience and suggests products to be sold.  Besides that, we'll help you getting closer to your audience in a different way. Imagine involving your fan base in the design process of your storefront. Our platform will allow you to invite your fans to create cool print art for your products! You'll be able to choose the best ones and publish in your store. And every time the product is sold, you and the fan that designed it get paid. Isn't that amazing?

You've worked hard to build your network of followers. Use Yoobe and increase the monetization of your brand while changing the way you relate to your fans.


You be you. We handle the rest!

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Yoobe is a merchandise platform that allows Content Creators to sell customized products with artwork made by Fans and Designers ♡

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