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Tweet to help trans people.

Tweet to help trans people.

Have you ever felt like helping, but at the same time felt impotent? 

As if there was no way to do it, because all paths were difficult?

Yoobe's launching, alongside Ultimatum and Point of Pride, a benefitting campaign that turns helping into something easy peasy. (As we always do, right?)

So, what is this? It's called #HoldingHope Campaign.

We've partnered up with Point of Pride to help trans people all over the world, whether it is to get them binders (anonymously) or even gender-related surgeries

How can you help? 

Let's get to the fun part of it. You can help by;

  1. Tweeting. (whaaaat? Really.) Whenever you tweet with the #HoldingHope we will donate US$0.25 directly to Point of Pride. Start tweeting away!
  2. Getting your #HoldingHope T-shirt. All profits from sales will be donated direcly to Point of Pride! Get your shirt and tell your friends too!
  3. Donating designs to the #HoldingHope store. You can create a beautiful design to be uploaded on the campaign's store and we will approve it to start selling! Then, your profits as a designer will be donated as well.
  4. Overall telling your friends!

There are tons of ways you can get engaged with this! You can get your shirt, tweet about it, post it on Instagram and just tell your friends what's happening so you all can help!

This is a message that we feel very strongly about and we've heard from many of our users the difficulty of getting the surgery, binders and money to afford all of this. We hope that each and every one of you help in any way, so we can scream to the world that every child is a child of the universe, and that's what matters.

It's pretty simple. Just the way we like it.

Start tweeting. Start helping. Start spreading.

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