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Yoobe launched!

Yoobe launched!

Yoobe went live on August! With a new concept of design, collaboration, and profit sharing.

We're moved by inspiration, idea sharing and a deep love for art. We're changing how Content Creators interact with their greatest fans! We dream of a much closer relationship, where one helps the other with what they know best and everyone wins.


Wanna know how we make that possible?


Content Creators 1-click to create a merch store, customize your products according to your style and invite your fans to contribute with cool designs that can be printed on your products.


Fans and Designers send cool art to the Content Creators they like the most and set how much they'd like to earn when a product customized by them is sold.


Once the art is approved, it becomes available in the Creator's store and when any product with that art is sold, they both make money with it and who buys it receives a beautiful product at home! Besides that, Influencer and Fans will become more than an inspiration and an inspired: they'll be part of a society where one helps the other with what they do best!


That's a true win-win.

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Yoobe is a merchandise platform that allows Content Creators to sell customized products with artwork made by Fans and Designers ♡

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