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Point of Pride

Point of Pride

A nonprofit organization dedicated to the trans community.

Have you ever heard of Point of Pride? They are an organization dedicated to helping trans people getting surgery, chest binders and other treatments.


They offer:

  • Free new or gently used chest binders;
  • Free trans femme shapewear;
  • Electrolysis support program (hair removal!);
  • Annual Transgender Surgery Fund.


All of their donations have free shipping, come in a discreet packaging (doesn't mention LGBT nor Trans, just "point of pride") and have the slightest bureaucracy so they can provide good service for those in need. 

All you have to do to receive the shapewear or the binder is apply at their website (there's normally a waitlist) and answer a really basic form. It's pretty simple! Oh, they can also deliver it to someone else's house or address in case your own isn't safe.


The Annual Transgender Surgery fund works a bit differently. It's sort of like a scholarship program and subscriptions are made online from November 1st to November 29th. It's required for you to be already saving some amount to your own surgery, though!

You can apply before turning 18, too, but at the time of the surgery you must be 18 years old. Plus, it covers any procedure necessary to your transition. 

Also, you don't have to be located in the US to apply, but you do need to have your surgery in the US.


If you have any binders you do not wear anymore, whether because it doesn't fit or you stopped needing them, you can donate them to Point of Pride!! This way they'll have a new home with someone who will take good care of them. 💕


Hope this helps some of you!! 


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